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Our Story

The journey to open The Big Sauce began in 2021.  That year, I set out to review every chicken wing spot in Chicagoland.  But, after more than two dozen meals, one thing became evident: I could not promote any of those wings and had to create the best myself.


I went to the birthplace of the chicken wing: Buffalo, New York.  I consulted with the oldest and most famous locations to learn proper sourcing, cooking processes and perfect sauce crafting.  After what can only be described as rigorous and methodical months of testing, it is finally time to share the best wings with the best food city in the world. 


At Big Sauce, we hand select each wing, so only the best product is served.  We aim to give you the crunchiest wings you’ve ever had. No breading, never frozen, and hand-sauced—the way a chicken wing was intended to be eaten. 

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